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    All-Inclusive Boarding

    All of our boarding services are all inclusive!

    At Stoney Pet Lodge and Rehab Center we have a staff member who resides on the premises for security and peace of mind 24/7. They are trained not only for maintaining a clean, sanitary facility but also for focusing on the socialization and psychology of dogs and cats. We have spacious areas for exercise and play time that will keep your pet healthy and happy during his or her stay with us. We provide cozy Kuranda bedding, toys, treats, bowls, and lots of TLC.

    We do not charge extra for belly rubs, brushing, tennis ball tosses, cuddle time, treats from home, tuck-ins, pool time or tons of outdoor play. Come in and take a tour so you can see for yourself how much fun your furry family member will have while lodging with us!

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    Dog Suites, Cat Condos & Indoor Play Areas

    Comfortable and ample accommodations for pet owners looking for dog and cat boarding. Suites and condos available for small and large dogs and cats. Your pet will be in good hands with our professional staff.

    What makes The Pet Lodge and Rehab Center different from any other facility of its kind? We are the only facility that offers a combination of quality daycare, extended lodging, activity programs, rehabilitation and veterinary care for your treasured pets.

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    Swimming Pool & Water Treadmill

    Hydrotherapy treatments have many benefits

    Exercising and rehabilitating your pet in the water has many benefits such as reducing weight bearing stress on the joints and increasing their range of motion. We have a swimming pool for recreational swimming and a water treadmill, which helps with rehabilitation, strengthening and weight loss.

    The underwater treadmill is in an enclosed chamber and provides a way to gradually increase weight-bearing exercises. Staff can fill the chamber will more water to decrease weight bearing or fill it with less water to increase weight bearing. This provides a great way to gradually rehabilitate your pet.

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    Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

    With video monitoring and online viewing

    Everyone works hard and deserves a vacation from time-to-time, we at The Pet Lodge understand this. When your pet stays at our facility, they will have access to its many amenities such as indoor and outdoor play areas. These areas are constantly monitored by video and our 24/7 staff to ensure your pet is safe.

    Our play areas provide the needed stimulation and exercise many pets need. Both our indoor and outdoor play areas provide stimulation in the form of games, toys and attention from our other residents and staff. If you would like to leave your pet’s favorite toy or treat with them, we can ensure they have access to it.